Mind Body Soul Bali Yoga Retreat

I’m delighted to be able to share yoga and meditation with you in my beloved Bali…

We will come together at Bagus Jati, a stunning health and wellbeing resort north of Ubud – Bali’s yoga capital that is known for it’s deeply healing and revitalising energy.

Each day will start with an intentional flow practice that will invigorate and energise and we will unwind in the late afternoons with Yin/Restorative yoga.

To compliment the physical practices we will offer daily meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra and delicious healthy food, in an environment that is set up to help you feel incredible. This retreat is an opportunity to tune in, create space and allow the magic of yoga and Bali to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Twin Share:       $8,900HKD              (early bird $7,900HKD)

Single:               $11,900HKD             (early bird $10,900HKD)

Please note that to take advantage of Early Bird rates, payment must be made in FULL by 15th June 2017. I’m usually a bit lax with this type of thing as we all know, but for this I will need to be strict! 🙂

*This retreat needs a minimum of 10 people to go ahead. If for any reason the minimum numbers are not reached, you will be notified by 31st July and refunds will be made in full.




Meditation is an incredible life tool that can significantly reduce stress levels and can help us live in a lighter, more relaxed way. Sold yet? 🙂

There are many ways to meditate, and the style I teach is actually really accessible because instead of expecting our busy overactice minds to STOP, we give the mind something to play with, like mantra (words/sound), images/symbols and the breath.

In this workshop, I’m going to share with you some of the fundamentals of meditation and it’s relationship to a physical yoga practice. I’ll show you how easy meditation can actualy be! And most importantly I’ll teach you some meditation techniqes that you can easily do on your own and I’ll (hopefully) inspire you to practice regularly at home…

And as always we’ll end the session with a blissful guided relaxation…


Yin Yoga Workshop

YIN is a passive style of yoga that is transformative on all levels; physical, energetic, mental and emotional.
Targeting the connective tissues of the body as well as the meridians (energetic pathways), the longer held physical poses help to unravel deep layers of tension and stress, leading to powerful feelings of balance, relaxation and wellbeing.

This workshop will teach you how to practice YIN safely and effectively and it will give you the opportunity to unwind and let go at a deep level. As well as the shape and structure of the physical asanas, you will learn about Chi (prana/energy) and how the various poses can influence the flow of energy through the meridians, as well as helping to calm and focus the mind.

– Full 90 minute YIN Yoga Class
– Learn about YIN poses (how to practice safely & effectively)
– Understanding Chi (prana/energy) & how Yin helps to unlock and release energetic & emotional blockages
– A delicious restorative Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) to finish

“The Big UNWIND” – Stress Relief & Yoga Bliss

Yoga workshop flyer

Saturday 18th June @ 10.00am-12.30pm

Join Anna for a morning of yoga bliss to release stress and tension, and to nourish your mind, body and soul in preparation for the summer holiday…

– 90 minute Stress Relief Yoga Class
– Meditation & Pranayama (yoga breathing techniques)
– Healthy superfood bliss balls for morning tea
– A delicious long Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) to finish